In Depth Managed Services aims to assess the impact of all its activities on the environment and, in conjunction with its customers and suppliers, achieve the highest environmental standards. In Depth Managed Services has traded for more than 30 years and provides a high level of service to the cleaning and associated service industry. It takes seriously its responsibilities in the areas of Public Safety, Environmental Care and the well being of the community as a whole. In Depth believes in respecting and protecting the environment and will meet or exceed applicable environmental legislation and regulations in place and any other requirements to which the organisation subscribes.

We shall have procedures in place to review, audit and to set new targets for achievement.

Key Environmental Issues

Reduction and Disposal of Waste

We will work to minimise the volume of waste generated by our process, through environmental improvements of the products we use and the services we offer our customers. We vigorously pursue opportunities to recycle waste. We will seek to work with suppliers and customers that share a similar philosophy.

Development and Technology

We will actively research and develop and implement technologies that provide demonstrable environmental improvements in the product line, services we offer and the way in which we work internally.

Whilst we strive to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations, we acknowledge that the use of electricity and the consumption of energy in general will continue to have an environmental impact.

When possible we will use renewable natural resources in a sustainable manner. We will conserve non-renewable natural resources through careful planning and efficient use. We will investigate the recycling of our products.


We operate and maintain a small vehicle fleet and recognise that the use of vehicles has a wide-ranging impact on the environment. The transport sector is a significant consumer of energy and vehicle emissions and represents one of the major contributing factors with respect to global warming and acid rain.

We have identified a range of measures to look at reducing the impact our fleet has on the environment. We will maximise the efficiency of the fleet through maintenance, selection of vehicle/engine size and driver training. We undertake careful route planning of journeys and investigate alternative means of travel.

In Depth Managed Services is committed to the continual improvement towards the Environment and the prevention of pollution.