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Earth Day

Today marks Earth Day, a day that was founded in 1970 to educate about environmental issues.

We spoke to Darran Yates, our CSR, Innovations & Research Director, about how businesses have become more conscious about the impact they have on the environment.

“I believe that perceptions and opinions about the impact businesses have on the environment are on the change. Companies are committing to move their vehicles to hybrid or electrical by 2030, finding ways to increase recycling, reduce waste and conserve water.

The need to reduce single use plastics and the perceived healing of the OZONE due to the reduced use of transportation during lockdown, is all making the environment a ‘hot topic’ and consumers, in particular, are buying into this.

We constantly review how our business impacts on the environment, whether through our company vehicles, chemicals, packaging, water use, recycling, etc. At Indepth our current environmental goals are focussed on:

  • reducing single use plastic – chemical and equipment packaging
  • reducing water consumption – window cleaning and chemical dilution
  • reduce carbon pollution – recruiting smarter, locally and company vehicles

These big three are only the tip of the iceberg - we are doing much more at all levels of the supply chain as well.

On Earth Day and every day, re-cycle, re-new and re-use - the 3 R’s. Do your bit to reduce climate change and to look after our world – after all, we only get one!”

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