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National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Tuesday 14th January sees the commencement of National Clean Off Your Desk Day. This day hinges on the importance of maintaining an organised and tidy working environment. What better way to kickstart 2020 by ensuring your desk is neat, clean and clutter-free?

Here at Indepth Managed Services, we have come together to highlight the importance of keeping our work stations clean and tidy. We have all made a conscious effort to improve our desk spaces, and say goodbye to bad habits!

There are a number of ways that you can improve your working environment and get the best head start into 2020 as possible!

File in style

It may sound blatantly obvious, but efficient filing strategies are extremely effective. It is all too easy to leave pieces of paper in your letter tray, or shove them into your drawer for you to ‘sort out tomorrow’. But we urge you to sort it out today!

Filing your miscellaneous paper will help levitate stress levels and reduce unnecessary paper usage.

Get your team to go green

A massive bonus of clear your desk, is that you will inevitably throw away unwanted pieces of paper. This is a fantastic opportunity to use your initiative and recycle everything that you can. This will help promote an environmentally conscious working environment whilst making your desk spick and span.

Introduce a recycling bin into your office to help urge people into recycling their unneeded paper and plastic bottles.

Tidy your mess to help destress

Maintaining a tidy desk can have a massive impact on your mental state and ability to apply yourself. Think of your desk as a mirror for your mind; untidy desk, untidy mind. Ensuring that the environment in which you surround yourself is organised, can relieve stress and promote a healthy working domain.

A positive mindset can really help to excel your working performance, so ensuring that your desk is tidy has double the benefits.

With it being the start of a brand-new year, why not try and make these changes for a tidier and more positive 2020. Make these changes a staple into your everyday routine, and start this new year as you mean to go on!

All year round, Indepth aim to maintain high standards of cleaning in all areas. We provide dedicated services for industry leading clients, and offer tailored cleaning solutions all over the UK. Why not have a browse around our website and take a look at our services?

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