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The Right Way to 'Thank Your Cleaner Day'.

Established in 2015, ‘Thank Your Cleaner Day’ was founded by The Building Services Contractors of New Zealand (BSCNZ) in cooperation with Kärcher. The premise behind this day is to recognise the importance of the quality of work that Cleaning Operatives bring to their companies. In doing this, the 19 countries that are involved, put time aside to dedicate their thanks and present their employees with gifts, as tokens of their appreciation.

On Wednesday 16th October, here at Indepth Managed Services, we demonstrated our appreciation for our committed Cleaning Operatives. As a celebration of their hard work, we asked that each of our Area Managers awarded one Cleaning Operative, within their area, with a gift so that we could be involved in the celebrations!

We kickstarted the celebrations by thanking Jenny Kaur-Landa, who cleans at one of our client sites in central Manchester. Jenny was the recipient of a small gift of chocolate, and other token gestures for her undeniable efforts on a daily basis. Jenny has been attributed with having “outstanding standards” whilst maintaining “excellent client relations”; two things that we hold in extremely high regard. 

Similarly, our Cleaning Operative, Isidra Bonachera Grandos, employed at one of our client sites in the Bristol area, was thanked for always “going above and beyond what is required of her”. “Iza is a fantastic cleaner and carries out her job role with the upmost pride and passion”; an asset to our company whilst “never allowing standards to fall”.

We pride ourselves on having Cleaning Operatives that exceed what is asked of them, and Haddy Habby is no exception to this! Employed at one of our sites in Leeds, “Haddy was nominated because no job is too big. She is always happy to help out and always has a smile for everyone.” Presented with an Asda gift card, a thank you card from her Area Manager and flowers, Haddy accepted her gift as an indication of our gratitude!

Wendy Travis is a Cleaning Operative employed at one of our Warrington sites, and due to her constant efforts toward her cleaning duties, she has been recognised on several occasions for her spotless cleaning! This Wednesday, we took the time to thank her for her ongoing commitment to the service that she provides and took the opportunity to snap a quick selfie to commemorate the moment!

So, now that we’ve shown you how we celebrated with our Cleaning Operatives, why not take this opportunity to show your Cleaning Operatives how much they’re appreciated? Get involved and say thank you!

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