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World Creativity & Innovation Day

Today is World Creativity and Innovation Day, an occasion to remind and encourage people to use their creativity and imagination productively, be open to new thinking, make the world a better place and to make their place in the world better too.

So, who better to ask but our CSR, Innovations & Research Director, Darran Yates, about why he thinks innovation and creativity is so important in the cleaning sector.

“It’s not always a question of thinking outside the box, more a question of challenging the concept. Is this a box? Does it need to be a box? Why can’t it be a cylinder, pyramid or even a dodecahedron? Also, is there room to think more within the box?

It is said that the best ideas are the simple ones, or the ones you wrongly assume have already been developed. The signature of good innovation within a business is the one that creates win win scenarios, has maximum impact and is relative to the costs to get there.

Cleaning is a science driven solution to the removal and protection against viruses, bacteria and dirt. Through this pandemic I’m glad to see the cleaning industry has shed the ‘Mrs Mop’ image to that of specialist cleaning hygienists at the forefront of keeping our premises safe to work and socialise in. Cleaning is at the forefront of technology and innovation, with robotics becoming more and more prevalent and chemicals and coatings becoming smarter and more combative.

Indepth are constantly looking at tomorrow today and have taken on board positive concepts and innovations which have maximum deployment and impact. We research the market place for the latest innovations, attending trade shows, exhibitions and product demonstrations.

Change for changes sake is not always good, but changes for the better must always be encouraged and welcomed. It’s creativity and innovation that are the driving force.”

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