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World Day for Health & Safety at Work

Today is World Health & Safety at Work Day, an annual day for safety at work, promoting the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases.

We spoke to Darran Yates, our CSR, Innovations & Research Director, who is responsible for our Health & Safety, about the importance of keeping safe and preventing accidents.  

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident. And, on this commemorative day we want to use this opportunity to encourage you to take a moment to review your business premises, as you may discover an accident waiting to happen.

It could be a filing cabinet draw left open, a pallet in a warehouse positioned slightly in the pedestrian walkway, a curled flex plugged in and switched on, a wet floor with no warning sign displayed, someone’s shoe laces undone - all accidents waiting to happen, but all preventable.

Don’t walk by! If you spot a potential accident, stop and make it safe, or isolate it and alert the appropriate person straight away. Hindsight after the accident is always too late. We believe you should always work safely so we all get home safely.”

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