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World Health Day 2020

April 7th marks the annual day where we come together to celebrate World Health Day. The campaign introduced by The World Health Organization, is used as a reminder that the importance of maintaining our own health and those of those around us, should be universally prioritised.

This year, World Health Day is centring on the importance of maintaining and sustaining our health, due to the current COVID-19 spread. It aims to bring light to the hard work from our Nurses and NHS staff, who are continuously helping to fight the virus.

In a time that has been uncertain and filled with questions, our NHS staff have maintained their robust workforce needed to help ensure universal health. It is only right that we use today, more so than any other, to give thanks and spread awareness on how we can help to maintain world health.

In light of this, we have looked towards government guidance, to help provide you with some easy ways that you can contribute to World Health Day.

Stay at home

You must stay at home and only leave when absolutely necessary to collect essentials such as food and medicine.

You can leave your house once for daily exercise such as cycling, running or walking. This can be done alone or with one other person from your household.

When you do have to leave your house, ensure that you stay 2 metres (feet) away from others, at all times.

Work from home

If possible, you should be working from home. Travelling to work should only be done where working at home in not an option.

No social gatherings

Social gatherings should be as infrequent as possible and limited to two people, at any one time.

Abiding by the above measures, can help reduce the spread of COVID-19, reduce the strain on the NHS and save lives. World Health Day is about celebrating the good health of our neighbours from all over the world.

On this World Health Day, more so than any other, it is important to help your local and wider communities stay healthy and safe, in these uncertain times. If we all pull together and do our bit; we can help sustain a brighter and healthier future for our world.

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