Daily Office Cleaning

Daily Office Cleaning services provided by Indepth are carried out 24/7 to suit the differing needs of clients and sectors.

Services are provided by Cleaning Operatives who have undergone stringent employment qualification processes. They have successfully completed industry appropriate training programmes to The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) accredited standards, enabling them to deliver a high quality of service in a safe working environment.

The service is tailored to the needs of the individual site and client, and may include:

  • Emptying and sanitising rubbish and recycling bins
  • Cleaning office equipment and work stations
  • Dusting furniture and computer equipment
  • Cleaning stainless steel and other special surfaces
  • Floor cleaning, mopping, sweeping, refinishing and polishing
  • Using floor buffers to strip and wax floor surfaces
  • Vacuum cleaning carpets
  • Cleaning kitchens, staff rooms and canteens
  • Cleaning air-conditioning vents
  • Spot cleaning (typically spills - tea for example)

Indepth utilise materials and consumables that are environmentally friendly and have been carefully sourced and selected. Commercial, innovative machinery and equipment is used across all sites and is fully PAT tested and serviced.

Quality audits are regularly carried out by Area Managers to ensure consistency in the delivery of the cleaning services and to meet targets in line with the contract expectations.

Industry Accreditations & Membership