Everyone expects comfort and convenience when using washrooms in commercial and public spaces. When these facilities are equipped with the right products, they provide a pleasant experience – making it easy for users to maintain good hygiene.

A healthier workforce is happier and more productive. When hygiene is poor, disease caused by bacteria and viruses spread rapidly. The workplace result is sickness and high associated costs.

Indepth provide a number of ranges of paper towels and systems, toilet rolls and holders, liquid soaps and dispensers, as well as hand sanitisers and dispensers that help to ensure the hygiene needs of those working or visiting your locations is adequately met. From well known brands to an Indepth developed range, clients have options to meet their service needs and budget. Consuambles have been carefully selected to ensure that they are environmentally friendly, reducing waste and environmental impact.

The systems are highly practical and easy to maintain. Robust construction makes them long lasting and compact construction saves on space. Dispensers are balanced with soft lines and neutral colours to suit all environments.

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