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2019 Inspiration Awards

We’re pleased to announce our 2019 Inspiration Awards nomination submission dates.

Our Inspiration Awards scheme is designed to recognise and reward operatives who go above and beyond and work hard to achieve and exceed the organisations standards.

If you are a client would like to nominate an Operative then please follow this process:

• Submit your Operative nominations to your Area Manager, including Operative name and location, explaining why you believe the Operative deserves the award. Every quarter, Area Managers will send your nominations along with their own to their Regional Manager on a specific date, see 2019 dates below.

• Regional Managers will carefully select one overall achiever in their region who will then be presented with a watch and a certificate.

• All other nominees will receive a letter of commendation from our Chairman Peter Roach for their excellent contribution.

• Award winners will be featured in a blog post on the Indepth website, in a post on our social media profiles and be included in our quarterly newsletter.

Area Manager Nomination Submission Dates:

22nd March 2019 | 22nd June 2019 | 20th September 2019 | 20th December 2019

Client feedback and opinions are extremely important to us and we encourage clients to submit nominations when appropriate.

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