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Charity Sleep Out Success!

Aaron Newton, our Bid Writer, recently tackled the Room at the Inn and the Y Project’s annual sleep out! The event, arranged by the homeless charity, encourages the public to sleep out for one night, to raise awareness and much needed funds for the charity.

Aaron used a camping mat and a sleeping bag and created a partial shelter, which was much needed on a very wet and windy night.

We asked Aaron for his thoughts on his experience:


Why did you want to do the sleep out?


“I really wanted a small insight into what it is like for the homeless, while being mindful of my own privileges, as it is such a big issue that most people are detached from. It is said we are all three missed pay-checks away from something like that and I think it’s important to understand what so many people go through on a daily basis.”


How did you feel doing it for charity?


“It’s important to do things for charity, perhaps now more than ever really, because they just aren’t getting the funding they need to survive. If you look at the Room At The Inn, they have been forced to relocate to smaller accommodation due to funding, but also have been forced to stop their Night Shelter work because of COVID restrictions and the local council. A lot of people that used to have a place to stay, now don’t, so doing anything I can to help out makes a big difference.”


And has the experience changed anything for you?


“It has given me a fresh perspective. I just about managed the night, but that was only because I had brought a tarpaulin to keep the majority of the storm off. I couldn’t imagine getting soaked through one night and have to get back into a wet sleeping bag the night after. The people I met there are some of the most positive and down-to-earth people I’ve ever spoken to, and all have had to cope with some really tough cards they were dealt. The lady that runs it, Sue, is just a saint. Not only does she run the shelter and work silly hours, but I know a lot of her pay goes straight back into the charity.”


“Lastly, another thing it has taught me is that homelessness isn’t just something that only occurs at Christmas, we should think about homeless people all year round, not just when it gets cold and wet. So give generously – it could be you one day, you never know.”


To help see him through his sleep out in style, the UK Hub gave Aaron a care package, that included some gloves, a hat, drinks, as well as various other goodies!

Aaron managed to raise a whopping £130 plus Gift Aid donations for the charity, which is a great achievement. Well done Aaron!

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