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Cleaning Excellence Awards 2021 Shortlist

We are pleased to announce that Indepth has been shortlisted in two categories in The Cleaning Excellence Awards!

The Cleaning Excellence Awards celebrate standards of excellence throughout the professional cleaning and hygiene sector and is supported by key industry bodies; ISSA (International Sanitary Suppliers Association), BPCA (British Pest Control Association) and the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association).

Covid-19 Response Category

Indepth have been shortlisted in the Covid-19 Response category for our excellent response to the pandemic and the innovative products and additional services we offered to our clients.

Throughout the pandemic and in the lead up to it, our management team, headed by Managing Director, Suzanne Richardson, reacted quickly and responsibly to the benefit and safety of our clients and our employees. We prepared in a way that was organised and with diligence. In doing so, we managed to pre-empt the cleaning and hygienic needs of differing workspaces to enable businesses to remain functional, minimising any possible downtime and, most importantly, keeping people safe.

Some of the additional products and services we offered included Touch Point Cleaning services, Reactive Cleaning Kits, Training Visor Kits, Preparation Cleans, etc.

Whilst the vaccination programme has been very successful, we are still living with this terrible virus. Managing the risk that it poses whilst keeping people in employment and maintaining our economy is, without a doubt, a huge challenge. It is one that our cleaning teams will continue to tackle on the front line for a long time to come, delivering these vital additional products and services, and that is what makes us honoured to work in this sector.

We are exceptionally proud of our management team who have guided and led the development and integration of these services within our client premises. But ultimately, this wouldn’t have been possible without our Cleaning Operatives who have delivered these services and tackled the virus head on, day in and day out.

Cleaning Operative of the Year Category

Our Cleaning Operative, Carol Dewhurst, has also been shortlisted for the 100% audit score achieved in an external audit on infection, prevention and control at one of our healthcare sites.

The Cleaning Excellence Awards will be broadcast virtually at 3pm during the new interactive Digital conference; Cleaning Matters Live, on the 17th of November 2021. You can register to attend the event for free at https://www.cleaningmatterslive.co.uk/cm_live/en/page/register

To have been shortlisted is a great achievement and one that we are really proud of.

Fingers crossed for a positive outcome!

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