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The Cleaning Industry Liaison Forum (CILF) is a highly educational and beneficial collaborative forum headed by the HSE, aimed to make the cleaning industry as safe as possible.

The forum has been established for a number of years now and has a unique attendee list comprising of people representing industry, trade unions and other industry stakeholders. Indepth are proud to be members and are represented by Darran Yates, CSR Director.

The 5 main origin aims and objectives hinge upon;

1. Slips trips and falls

2. Working at height

3. Occupational dermatitis

4. Employee’s whose first language is not English

5. Engagement with RIBA / Architects to have an input into new build especially with regard to design concepts for maintaining and cleaning inside and outside buildings.

Since the groups launch it has played a part in the instigation into research in the cleaning sector via The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) and there are now ‘cleaning’ pages on the HSE website, as well as reference to CILF and its founder members.

This is a positive working group that target preventative accidents, incidents and near misses and reflects the importance of the cleaning industry, which is constant and present in every sector and a necessary part of our economic needs.

The current focus on prevention into the future also sees three main topic areas at its forefront; work related lung disease, work related musculoskeletal disorders and work related stress.

All of these areas may cause ill health rather than the immediate impact of an accident, but the effects can be longer lasting and may have been previously unreported or response may have been slow.

Darran comments, “It’s great to be a member of this forum and sit alongside some key industry peers. Health & Safety is of utmost importance in our business but it’s also important to get it right across the sector and influence key decisions that will ultimately keep people safe.”

Darran will continue to attend the meetings and contribute to the group, share his findings and developments with the team and publish some further blog posts.

If you would like to find out more about the forum visit: www.hse.gov.uk/cleaning/forum.htm or contact Darran via: info@indepth-cleaning.co.uk

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