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Random Act of Kindness

‘Random act of kindness’ is a term that’s used to refer to selfless acts, both large and small, that are committed unexpectedly, without prompting and with no apparent ulterior motive.

Each year, Random Act of Kindness Day is celebrated in a bid to encourage people to make kindness the norm. 

Together, we can change workplace culture through simple kind gestures – not just on Random Act of Kindness Day, but every day. By looking out for each other, acknowledging someone who deserves praise, sharing a snack, making someone a coffee, giving an unexpected gift…the possibilities are endless.

This week at Indepth, we want to encourage our colleagues to carry out a random act of kindness either at work, at home or in the community and help to make a difference. So, we’re asking them to also nominate fellow colleagues whom they have seen carrying out their act of kindness.

Nominations should be emailed to ukhub@indepth-cleaning.co.uk by Friday the 24th of February with the subject as ‘Kindness’. The person’s name that is being nominated and details of their act of kindness should be included. 

Our ESG, Innovations & Research Director, Darran Yates, and HR Manager, Karen Rees, will select one overall winner who will receive a cinema voucher as a little treat!

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