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#indepthkeepitclean post 19

5th May 2020

Donna Smith is our Administration, Process & Training Manager and she is the face of our #indepthkeepitclean campaign today. Donna and her team are working hard to support the staff with important administration duties and communications whilst keeping our systems running smoothly.


#indepthkeepitclean post 18

1st May 2020

The last #indepthkeepitclean post of the week includes Stephanie Davies, our Sales & Marketing Manager. She has been creating marketing materials and communications to keep clients and employees up to date, whilst ensuring client requests for additional work is being quoted and processed.


Indepth Insider Bulletin Issue 3

30th April 2020

Our third Insider Bulletin is out today - keeping our employees and clients up to date with the latest happenings and developments during these times of rapid change and often uncertainty. Keep an eye on your inbox for your copy.


#indepthkeepitclean post 17

29th April 2020

I.T. is playing a significant part in our day to day operation - it's enabling many of our office based staff to work effectively from remote locations around the country. Dan Millington works in our I.T. department and is keeping our systems up and running! #indepthkeepitclean


#indepthkeepitclean post 16

27th April 2020

Dee Moore is our Accounts Department Manager and features in today's #indepthkeepitclean campaign. She is working hard to manage the accounts and the team of people in that department.


#indepthkeepitclean post 15

24th April 2020

We provide crucial cleaning services that are vital to keeping the 'critical/key sectors functioning effectively. Sharon is one of our Supervisors who is working on a client healthcare site and she's today's face of our #indepthkeepitclean campaign!


#indepthkeepitclean post 14

23rd April 2020

Claire Foster, Telesales Executive, features in today's #indepthkeepitclean post. Claire speaks to lots of different businesses across the country to discuss their cleaning needs and to introduce our services to them!


#indepthkeepitclean post 13

22nd April 2020

The next post in our #indepthkeepitclean campaign features one of our Area Managers, Dawn Lloyd-Jones. Dawn is demonstrating the importance we put on good communication with clients and employees to achieve safe, clean working environments for everyone.


#indepthkeepitclean post 12

21st April 2020

The 12th post of our #indepthkeepitclean campaign features our IT Director, Phil Silvert. He's been busy behind the scenes keeping our IT and financial operations rolling!


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